Joey Cooper



36 Year old native of Washington State Joey Cooper has over 29 years experience in teaching others how to reach, actualize, and achieve their goals when it comes to dance. His background includes his classical training in disciplines of Ballet, Jazz, and Tap, along with today's contemporary styles in Hip Hop, and stylized commercial Hip Hop. His professional Credits include working with Industry choreographers, dancers, such as assisting for Sisqo, and Weezer. 

Having a knack for Creative & Artistic direction, he also produced shows for local artists from San Diego, such as Lauren Silva which have gained critical acclaim in the christian arena of developing artists. He successfully debuted his 1st California showing for Creative/Artistic Directed Live Stage in 2012 show for The Velvet Nation's "Together Again" Fantasy Tribute Concert of Michael & Janet Jackson; doing both ends of dance/choreograprhy & show production.

He's been often called a reliable source on the details in choreography for Janet Jackson's immense catalog with a knowledge of material stretching as far back as the early 1980's to the present day. Having carved a niche as a great composer in tribute pieces of her work over the last two decades.  To even some of Janet's choreographers themselves, he's often humbly a great reference when in their classes/workshops to aid when needed, on a movement or phrase of lyric in movement.