Jacob Thompson's Rhythm Nation 2019


We spoke with music prodigy Jacob Thompson to get his insight on 30 years of Rhythm Nation 1814 and Janet’s influence. Jacob is among one the most influential music producers under 25. His love and admiration for 90s music is crafted in his amazing remixes. Jacob serves as the main producer for JanFam: The Movement’s visual projects.

Where do you reside?

Answer: I’m from Springfield, MA and live in East Forest Park aka East Point

How does Janet’s music inspire you?

Answer: I can only describe it as “Take Me as I Am.” How I present myself is completely laid out; the honest truth. I recently listened to her "All For You" album, which has been one of my favorites since 7 yrs old. Hearing "Doesn't Really Matter" made me realize that no matter what I may face, I shouldn’t have to worry about little things. I know my flaws and dislikes, but someone else loves me for it unconditionally.

What is your mindset for creating music and remixes?

Answer: I project how I'm feeling in my mixes. I want the public to hear how my mind works. Through the sounds I use, I hope it makes you feel good,  makes you dance, makes you amazed. I'm happy that God has blessed me with a gift that makes others happy.

What are some of your goals in life?

Answer:  To become someone I’ve dreamed of being since I was a kid. I love music. I really hope to work with Timbaland one day and win a few Grammys lol. Nevertheless, I'm happy just continuing this journey, and I pray God lets me see it come to fruition.

What does Rhythm Nation 1814 mean to you?

Answer: Rhythm Nation 1814 got me through a very rough time in my life when I was 21. It inspired me to change my perception and change the music I love. It was raw, it was gritty, it was "in-your-face” as soon as you pressed play. That opening bell on “The Pledge” interlude was a warning for greatness and that elevator sound effect took me to another dimension. Rhythm Nation 1814 will forever be a standpoint in classic New Jack Swing production. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis crafted dynamic moments through their music with Janet, and it’s still timeless 30 years later. Janet, Jam, and Lewis definitely lead a new wave through experimentation of dope tracks for the culture.

What is your favorite song from the album?

Answer: Someday is Tonight

If Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis heard your music, how would you react?

Answer: I'd be speechless. These are 2 of the most prolific producers in the game today. They've been solidified in the music industry with a plethora of amazing artists. Jimmy and Terry have earned everything they've worked so hard to achieve. If they were to listen to my music, that alone would give me more motivation to grind harder.

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