Allison Claire


Allison Claire, raised in Buffalo NY began dancing at the age of 2. By the age of 10 Allison was trained in various styles such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop through her hometown studio The Future Dance Center. In 2011, after touring the country and assisting prestigious choreographers as a Pulse On Tour Elite Protege, Allison made her move to Los Angeles, CA. From there, Allison was taken under the wing of Tricia Miranda, to be mentored and serve as her assistant. While living in Los Angeles,

Allison has had the opportunity to appear with Wiz Khalifa, and on the acting front Allison has been seen on networks such as Nickelodeon, Freeform and Showtime.

While furthering her career as a dancer and teacher, Allison hopes to one day give back and be an inspiration to those who want to follow their dreams. You can catch Allison on Janet’s current “State of the World Tour.”